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Harvey Storm1 is an emerging children’s book author, artist, adventurer, and entrepreneur who splits his time between two homes: Portugal and Israel. Deeply influenced by the works of world-acclaimed author Herluf Bidstrup, his books feature exciting adventures of animals both friendly and timid.

Growing up, Harvey felt compelled to become a writer and artist from an early age. When other children his age played with toy cars, dolls, or soccer balls, he would spend hours in his room doodling and jotting down random ideas that would pop into his mind. Since he was in grade school, he knew writing would someday become his vocation.

In addition to taking various writing and drawing seminars throughout the years, Harvey holds a Degree in International Business and another Degree in Management of Social Development.

Outside of crafting children’s stories, Harvey is an avid businessman who has launched many successful companies. During his spare time, he enjoys jamming on his electric Gibson guitar, mountain climbing, spearfishing, camping, and drawing. As a passionate explorer, he has traveled to ten different countries to date, imparting him with the unique inspiration he needs to create interesting plots, engaging storylines, and relatable characters. Above all, he loves spending quality time with his best buddy in dog form, Marco. More often than not, Marco serves as Harvey’s muse for a lot of the characters in his books. test



Cartoon film Arnold and Louis

Woody saves the day

Amazing kids’ picture book.

Woody is a mouse who lives in a cave. He’s different to what you might imagine a little mouse to be, because Woody is the most respected of all the forest animals. Even the lion and the elephant come to Woody’s cave to bear him gifts.

But Woody has a secret that none of the animals know about. He has secretly been fooling them into believing he eats the most powerful animals, the ones of which he leaves bones scattered at the entrance to his cave.

A chance encounter with a fox, who takes shelter in his cave one evening, reveals Woody’s deceit to the other animals and he is soon presented at the animal court to decide a fitting punishment for his lies.

But there is danger looming for all the animals and Woody is given one last chance to redeem himself. Can he save the forest dwellers and win back their trust? Or will he face a punishment that he could see him lose it forever?

ARNOLD and LOUIS. Gold Rush.

In this exciting kids’ book, Arnold the moose lives in a small wooden house on the edge of the forest. He is something of a dreamer, and one day his friend, a goose called Louis, comes to his house with a suggestion that they go searching for treasure. Arnold jumps at the chance, of course, and the two prepare to set off into the dangerous forest in their truck.

They enlist the help of some other animals and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. But there are more dangers than even they could have imagined, and they soon realize the value of friendship.

What will happen when they find the treasure they are looking for? Will it change them, or will they still be the same moose and goose they always were?

Young children will love this exciting picture book and love the important messages it carries; teaching us to keep our word, counting, teamwork and sharing.

ARNOLD and LOUIS. Reach for the stars.

Arnold the moose and Louis the goose are back in a brand-new adventure — Arnold and Louis. Reach for the Stars.

When Mick, a space-traveling meteorite who journeys between the stars, inadvertently falls asleep and lands on Earth, he does so in spectacular fashion, landing in a swamp near to Arnold’s home and causing a big wave and a fire.

The two friends are quickly on the scene and douse the flames caused by Mick’s sudden appearance, but they are shocked when they learn that the rock can speak to them. And he is sad.

All poor Mick wants is to return to his home in the vast emptiness of space and Arnold and Louis vow to help him on his way. They will have to rely on their friendship and team work to get Mick back to where he belongs, along with a big slice of ingenuity too. But do they have what it takes?

Kids will love this exciting picture book and love the important messages it carries: teaching us to help each other, the importance of teamwork, the importance of friendship.




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